The first part of the collection contains 27 ‘tales’, which are listed here.

Folktales From County Mayo

Alt a’ Chléibh

Droichead na dTuile

An Burach Stiall

‘Fighting Fitz’

Seeing Ghosts?

Old Country Pub Yarns

Kilconduff in Local Tradition

Killasser Mysteries

The Sulphur Spring

Sam the Nailer

In the Year of the Hot Summer

Before School Buses*

Brick Making*

Temperance Missions

Tomas Laidir

In Captain Houston’s Country

Letting  out the Dark*

Post Famine Poems and Pranks

Fun of the Fair

The Man Who never Forgot

The Ribbonmen

When Red Hugh came to Tawin Island

The Souper’s Little Cow

Shaun na Soggarth

The Welshmen of Tirawley

Leg Warmers and Treheens

When the Motor Car came West

Titles with an asterisk attached are published as web pages on this site and can be accessed by clicking on them.

The Lad from Inishkea*

A Tale of Barnalyra Wood

Captain Gallagher

Dudley Costello

From Matriarchs to Piteogs

Fishy Stories

Migrants and Emigrants

Father Johnny

Tales of a Spailpin

Bliain na bhFrannach*

The Aftermath

Great Grandmother’s Tales

Old Animal Charms and Cures

 Matchmaking and Elopements

Scrawing and Burning

The Bellmen

Achill Breezes

Window on the Past*

The Night of the Big Wind

Waking the Gael

Before the Famine

Mountain Dew

Old Charms and Customs
In Feudal Days

The Friar’s Christmas Night

The Moy Corries

The Ultachs

Table Of Contents

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